Harnessing the best maritime talent for our principals, ensuring safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans

Building a Pipeline of Quality Talent

Nurturing talent not just for today but for tomorrow

Starting early in the life cycle by introducing the global shipping industry and international careers at sea.

Developing an educational roadmap to qualify Filipinos for the highest positions on cargo and cruise vessels.

Offering a dynamic career cycle through a platform of training, local job posting, a career at sea or internationally, and an option to participate in the ‘balik-manggagawa’ program.

A unique approach, relational rather than transactional. Resulting in loyalty and retention.

PTC's Global Maritime Professional

The Ship’s Heart and Soul

Navigating the challenges on board to traversing the open seas.

From preparing a simple meal to cooking for thousands.

Ensuring quality housekeeping to safe and efficient vessel operation.

Managing a multi-cultural environment to compliance with international conventions.

PTC's Global Maritime Professional

Your Seafarer of Choice

Able-skilled, molded, prepped, and fit for deployment with industry-leading performance in:

Contract completion
Health and wellness
Overall retention (Intertanko 94%)

Client Care

A Dedicated Relationship

Customized attention to the specific requirements of each principal.

Serving as both front-end and back-end support to its Principals, ensuring that a competent, qualified, and healthy GMP is always travel-ready for deployment, when and as needed.

Crew Care

A second home for our global maritime professionals, where they are first


Our aim is to ensure the overall wellness – mental and physical – of our global maritime professionals everywhere, anytime.

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Family & Crew Relations

Reaching out and keeping our seafarer communities stronger together 24/7.

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Housing & Financial Security

Driving a future of economic freedom for our global maritime professionals and their families.

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