We are PTC

Our Mission

The PTC Global Maritime Professional. Unique maritime solutions that enable the competence and careers of our crew. Serving our principals and the communities around us through steadfast partnerships.

Our Goals

A dynamic social infrastructure platform that provides a one-stop solution for the selection, deployment, and continuous development of global maritime professionals, the heart and soul of shipping.

Our Mantra

Fidelity to ethical principles. Dignity and wisdom at work. Pursuit of enduring significance. Encompassing compassion. Purposefulness in achieving the good.

Our Presence

Manila. Iloilo. Cebu.

Japan. Indonesia. Singapore

The World.
Norway. Germany. Sweden. Greece.
Turkey. Middle East. Scandinavia.
Eastern Europe.

Our Service to the World

A roster of strategic relationships with maritime industry stakeholders from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Our Commitment to Global Standards


Moving the world
in more ways than one

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