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PTCitizenship talk at ISMHS

MARCH 8, 2024

As part of the Shipping Cluster's commitment to social responsibility through the PTCitizenship program, Marilyn Lozano, PTCI's Quality Assurance Manager, and Samantha Tidon, PHILCAMSAT's Business Development Assistant Manager, dedicated their time on February 27 to volunteer at Ismael Mathay Senior High School. During their engaging lecture, affectionately dubbed "Mars and Sam's Talk," they enlightened students on the significance of volunteerism, emphasizing its profound impacts on both individuals and communities. Through insightful discussions, Mars and Sam underscored the intrinsic value of altruism, instilling in the students a deeper understanding of how volunteerism can shape sustainable mindsets and foster positive environmental stewardship.

Their presentation not only shed light on the tangible benefits of volunteerism but also provided practical insights into cultivating a culture of giving back that is rooted in sustainability principles. With a focus on empowering the youth to become active agents of positive change, Mars and Sam's talk catalyzed inspiring the next generation of community leaders and environmental advocates.

Looking ahead, the Shipping Cluster's PTCitizenship program, in collaboration with TAG and the Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC)-CSJ Foundation, has a robust lineup of activities planned for the next three months. These initiatives aim to further strengthen the company's commitment to making a meaningful difference in society while nurturing a culture of empathy, responsibility, and environmental consciousness among its employees and partners.


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