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PTC conducts first-ever mock interview sessions for Baliwag Maritime Academy cadets

APRIL 15, 2024

The Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Talent Acquisition Group recently made a significant impact to 49 BSMT and BSMarE cadets of the Baliwag Maritime Academy (BMA) by organizing a mock interview session last March 21, 2024 held at the FMP Legaspi Room.

This event marked a first for PTC, demonstrating the company's commitment to providing valuable experiences for aspiring Global Maritime Professionals. With the help of technical experts from PHILCAMSAT headed by C/E Alfredo Haboc, C/E Eric Edgardo Bautista, and Engr. Marianne Camille Pastolero, Engr. Antonio Reginaldo and Engr. Oscar Pepito of RTD and Capt. Godfrey Alonday, Jr. of PTC Shipmanagement. The mock interviews were designed to simulate real-world scenarios, giving the cadets a taste of what to expect in actual job interviews and helping them build the confidence they need as they prepare to apply for their ship boarding soon.

This first-time experience provided cadets with a valuable opportunity to refine their interview skills through practical experience and expert guidance. The hands-on learning environment allowed them to not only enhance their job market readiness but also encouraged them to confidently display their unique abilities and potential to prospective principals.

PTC COO for Shipping Cluster Beng Cristobal gave an insightful advice that underscores the critical nature of creating a positive first impression and staying authentic during interviews. As she wisely stated, "First impressions are crucial and they have a lasting impact. It's equally vital not to present a false impression. Just always showcase your best self and recognize your strengths during interviews." Her emphasis on showcasing one's genuine self and strengths serves as a powerful reminder for individuals to approach professional interactions with honesty and self-assurance, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the competitive job market.

Capt. Ronald Enrile, SVP for Shipmanagement and Head of PTC-TAG, emphasized in his words the crucial nature of preparation and continuous self-improvement in the maritime industry. Being proactive in honing one's skills and being prepared for various professional challenges can greatly enhance their career prospects and overall success. "As a future Global Maritime Professional, always remember this is not the first or last interview that you will experience. Every time you apply to a company, or seek a promotion, you will undergo an interview. That's why it's important to develop yourself, and I believe that with this PTC mock interview, we can help you," he said.

The initiative taken by PTC-TAG not only benefits the cadets individually but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the maritime industry by nurturing a pool of skilled and confident professionals ready to make a difference in their careers.

The cadets were also able to tour PHILCAMSAT and see the state-of-the-art navigation equipment that can assist them in their maritime endeavors. They had the opportunity to engage in a short session with PHILCAMSAT's instructor Hyacinth Sales on behavioral strategies that can positively impact their professional development. This insightful discussion equipped them with valuable insights on how to enhance their conduct and interactions within the maritime industry, contributing to their overall growth and success.

After the mock interview, the PHILCAMSAT team gave their assessment and hoped that the cadets continue to refine their skills and build confidence as they continue to hone their skills in becoming future Global Maritime Professionals.

To close the whole day activity, Assistant Vice President for Crewing Operations Ronald Macalintal provided words of advice for the cadets to press forward and pursue their dreams until they become captains and chief engineers while Engr. Peter Lugue, Vice President for Crewing Operations gave his advice that each of them should continue to learn, be always ready, put their best foot forward and have presence of mind in whatever they do in order to succeed.

Through activities like this, PTC is paving the way to prepare cadets for them to thrive, innovate, and drive the industry towards greater success and advancement. By investing in the development of talented professionals in the maritime sector, the organization is not only nurturing innovation but also ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the industry, setting a high standard for progress and excellence and inspiring others to join in the journey towards a brighter tomorrow.


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