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Philippine delegation highlights commitment to Filipino seafarers' well-being at Brussels Conference

APRIL 5, 2024

Philippine delegates to the Brussels Conference on the Well-being of Seafarers demonstrated solidarity and commitment to protect seafarers. The Philippine delegation, led by Department of Transportation Undersecretary Elmer Sarmiento, called on global maritime leaders to prioritize the safety and welfare of seafarers at the Brussels conference.

The delegation, which included Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) CEO Gerardo Borromeo, Chairman of the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council (MSGC), Ambassador Jaime Victor Ledda of the Philippine Embassy in Brussels, and MARINA Administrator Sonia Malaluan, advocated for seafarers's safety. Mr. Borromeo, representing the International Chamber of Shipping, also moderated a panel discussion on seafarer attrition.

Usec. Sarmiento emphasized the need for tangible action to improve seafarers' working conditions, highlighting the importance of collaboration among global maritime stakeholders.

The conference, attended by global maritime leaders, addressed critical issues affecting seafarers, such as industry attractiveness, retention, women's role, and seafarers's well-being. It aimed to foster dialogue to address the multifaceted challenges faced by seafarers worldwide.

The delegates created a symbolic logbook expressing support and solidarity for seafarers worldwide. This logbook will be presented to the Maritime Safety Committee in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to guide future international initiatives.

The Brussels Conference on the Well-being of Seafarers stands as a pivotal moment in the global effort to prioritize the welfare of those serving at sea.


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