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Just Got TAGged: PHINMA St. Jude College

FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Find out how Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC)’s Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) continues to build for tomorrow through meaningful partnerships with colleges, universities, and LGUs to create value and sustain the talent pipeline of the PTC Group.

The PTC Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) concluded the month of January with a successful Career Talk at PHINMA St. Jude College last January 31, 2024. Over 300 college and senior high school students attended the event featuring resource speakers from The PTC Group --- Ian Balete, PTCI HR Manager; Nikki Del Pilar, Lifelinks Business Development Manager; and Vivienne M. Bautista, PTC-TAG Manager. All three speakers provided valuable insights into the actual work environment including skills necessary for them to be the next generation of future global Filipino professionals.

Ian shared his personal journey and stressed the importance of being open to opportunities and taking risks. His message about learning from setbacks and failures resonated with the students, encouraging them to view these as stepping stones toward their goals.

Meanwhile, Nikki offered insights into excelling in one’s field by creating a personal “garden “of self-development. Emphasizing the significance of finding one’s passion, dedication, and perseverance, she underscored the value of continuous learning to remain competitive in today’s dynamic job market.

Lastly, Benjie empowered the students to make informed choices and to navigate challenges in today's fast-paced world with resilience. She urged them to continue to learn and find their purpose through intentional living so they can design their future and be successful global professionals.

After the session, the students thanked the speakers and expressed their desire to work with The PTC Group in the future, reflecting how the speakers' words resonated with and inspired them.


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