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Collaborating for Change: PTC hosts Extended Resources Conference

MARCH 8, 2024

The PTC Group recently convened a pivotal conference as part of its commitment to the Extended Resources initiative. This gathering, held at the Legaspi Room of FMP on February 29, aimed at fostering collaboration and strategic alignment and brought together co-founders of Extended Resources, including non-governmental organization (NGO), EXN, which is dedicated to forging a sustainable path in plastics supply chains. The conference served as a platform for stakeholders to chart action plans and synchronize efforts for the months ahead, crucial for advancing the mission of resource sustainability.

Among the attendees were the PTC Group’s Ms. Denise Alampay, Capt. Pol Haboc, Mr. Leslie Suntay, Mr. Hector Brizuela, and MGen Restituto Padilla, Jr (RET). The conference not only underscored PTC’s commitment to sustainability but also presented a valuable opportunity to share insights and experiences garnered from the participating groups’ sustainability endeavors. By leveraging their expertise, the team stands to gain invaluable knowledge and actionable strategies to further its mission of establishing a responsible and resilient plastics supply chain.

As the conference concluded, it left a resounding echo of optimism and purpose. The collaborative spirit among PTC and EXN signals a promising trajectory in the journey toward a more sustainable future. With aligned action plans and a wealth of shared wisdom, Extended Resources is poised to make significant strides in its mission to reshape the landscape of plastic resource management, setting a commendable example for industries worldwide.


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