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Celebrating impact and sustainability at the PTC Group Pop-up Market

MARCH 8, 2024

In a celebration marking its 45th anniversary, Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) hosted the PTC Group Pop-Up Market on February 23 at the Legaspi Room of First Maritime Place. This event served as a vibrant reflection of PTC's enduring commitment to impact, sustainability, and value, encapsulating the company's ethos in a dynamic marketplace setting.

Central to the event was the introduction of PTC's Livelihood Weaving Project in Minalin, Pampanga. This endeavor represents a significant step forward in PTC's mission to empower individuals, providing them with the resources and support necessary to build sustainable livelihoods while fostering a strong sense of community and local pride. Implemented in partnership with ECTO Juan Consulting under the leadership of Mr. Raffy Tesoro, the project exemplifies PTC's dedication to community development and social responsibility.

The Livelihood Weaving Program transcends traditional skill-building efforts, embodying the company's belief in promoting self-reliance and prosperity. By imparting weaving expertise and enterprise development knowledge, PTC aims to catalyze positive change not only in Minalin but also in surrounding areas. The event featured insights from master weaver Renel Batralo, who shared entrepreneurial advice with PTC allottees, and artisan weavers from Minalin who demonstrated their craft and shared personal stories of empowerment through the project. FMCC also shared financial management tips with the attendees.

Moreover, the Pop-Up Market showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of PTC Group members, with a diverse array of handcrafted and homecooked products on display, including frozen foods, pasta, coffee, kimchi, and more. PTC Agri, in partnership with Agro-DigitalPH, also offered fresh produce, further enriching the market experience. Through this event, PTC aimed to inspire allottees and personnel to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and join in the company's commitment to creating meaningful impact in communities nationwide. Together, PTC envisions weaving a future characterized by sustainability, opportunity and shared prosperity for all.

The activity was jointly organized by PTC FCR, PTC PEP, and the PTC HAC Cluster HR Team.


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