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Anchored in Sustainability: PTC Shipmanagement's work on the Circular Explorer earns Green4Sea nomination

FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Shipmanagement has earned a distinguished nomination for the GREEN4SEA Initiative Award at the 9th Green4Sea Awards, organized by Safety4Sea, in recognition of its remarkable work on the Circular Explorer, implemented through the partnership between One Earth One Ocean (OEOO) and HOLCIM. This nomination highlights PTC Shipmanagement's unwavering commitment to sustainability within the maritime industry. The Circular Explorer represents a significant step towards greener shipping solutions, showcasing innovative approaches to environmental responsibility.

The GREEN4SEA Initiative Award is awarded to organizations or associations fostering greener shipping. The nomination underscores the company's role in sparking, realizing, and significantly contributing to a specific initiative that aligns with sustainable practices. PTC Shipmanagement's emphasis on greener shipping is not only reflected in its operational strategies but also in the tangible impact of initiatives like the Circular Explorer.

As part of the award process, an online voting system will be initiated, with 50% of the results to be derived from the public, and the remaining 50% to be determined by an industry panel consisting of selected experts. The awards ceremony, set to be conducted virtually on May 9, provides a platform to celebrate and acknowledge the significant strides made by companies in advancing sustainability within the maritime sector.


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