PTC’s crewing operation is anchored on an account management system which provides customized attention to the requirements of each Principal. Maritime professionals are dedicated to a specific account, allowing them to fully grasp the culture and philosophies of a single Principal with whom they remain throughout their career with PTC. An Integrated Human Resource Development Model is at the core of PTC’s crew management program, creating a partnership of equal interest between PTC and its Principals. This model allows for the advancement of a seafarer’s career – from recruitment to employment, through training and professional development and ultimately, retention.PTC has taken its successful crew management formula to new opportunities across the Asian region through PTC Centina. Its first venture beyond Philippine shores is Indonesia, a country rich in maritime tradition.

As part of PTC’s strategic expansion of its global footprint, the company entered into a formidable partnership by acquiring a substantial interest in the Aboitiz-Jebsen Group. This has resulted in a combined pool of more than 51,000 maritime professionals with 25,000 on board over 1,000 vessels worldwide at any one time.

After six years of solid cooperation that commenced in 2014, Jebsen and PTC’s expanded partnership was formalized with the formation of Jebsen PTC. With a combined experience of 80 years in global shipping and pioneering track records, Jebsen PTC drives even greater synergies in crew development, deployment, and enhanced crew well-being. This expanded partnership of leaders serves to make Jebsen PTC even stronger together.

The company operates Jebsen Ship Management, one of the best technical management outfits based in Manila delivering cost-efficient services to various types of vessels. Jebsen PTC Maritime, Inc., its crew management arm, is one of the largest Philippine-based crewing companies that provide seafarers for the ocean-going ships of principals from Japan, Norway, US, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Singapore, and the Philippines. Jebsen Manpower Solutions, Inc., its land-based manpower division, provides hundreds of professionals to many overseas businesses across several industries.

Jebsen PTC, Inc. continues to garner recognition from the Philippine government and various industry-led organizations. The company has expanded presence in Japan, Australia, Greece, Norway, UK, USA, and Greece.