PHILCAMSAT Partners with Scoutbase to Track Seafarer Emotional Well-Being

The Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training (PHILCAMSAT) has partnered with Scoutbase to strengthen its range of competency courses on Human Behavior, Mental Health, Communications and Leadership housed under the Center’s BRIDGE Program or Building Resiliency in Diverse Global Environments.

The partnership brings together PHILCAMSAT’s strength in maritime training and a strong commitment to helping improve a seafarer’s work and life at sea with the crew feedback platform Scoutbase.

Based in Denmark, Scoutbase has developed a unique system that tracks early leading indicators of wellbeing, productivity, and safety over time onboard vessels in order to identify challenges in everyday work. The platform does not interfere with the ship’s systems and maintains the anonymity of the people onboard. The data gathered by the system will serve as an early warning system for any developing wellbeing and safety issues onboard thus helping prevent accidents and facilitating a more efficient working environment onboard.

 “The wellbeing and welfare of our GMPs has always been the top priority of PTC. They breathe life into the industry of shipping and move the world through the important work that they do,” said PTC CEO Gerardo Borromeo. “By partnering with Scoutbase through our training arm PHILCAMSAT, we hope to build a powerful social infrastructure platform that will serve our GMPs and create an impact not just in the maritime industry, but ultimately in the future of work as a whole.”

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with PHILCAMSAT, which at the core is about a shared value of care for seafarers and the understanding that a happy and resilient crew is a necessity for any safe and efficient operations,” shared Sebastian Nause Blueml, Co-Founder & COO of Scoutbase. “We look forward to leveraging our Human Factors platform to support ongoing crew welfare programs and exploring ways in which we can, together with PHILCAMSAT, use our technology to further help to improve the quality of life and work for seafarers.”

To mark the start of the partnership, PHILCAMSAT and Scoutbase conducted a virtual signing ceremony on May 19 participated by PTC CEO Gerardo Borromeo; Capt. Pol Haboc, Head of PHILCAMSAT and the MAST; and Mr. Roy Akker, PHILCAMSAT Director for Business Operations & Development. They were joined by Scoutbase Co-founder & COO; Bosiljka Kozomara, Chief Commercial Officer; Yassin Askar, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer; and Mads Ragnvald Nielsen, Co-founder – Human Factors & Safety Specialist.

Representatives from PTC, PHILCAMSAT and Scoutbase give a thumbs up to seafarer wellbeing during the virtual signing ceremony for the project.