PTC Group Employees Enhance their Work-From-Home Skills Through E-Work
By: ptcadminacess

To help PTC Group employees navigate the new working environment brought about by the Enhanced Community Quarantine, the company’s Human Resources Department launched an online learning program entitled “E-Work: E-Learning to Build a Resilient, Responsive, Reliable PTC Group.”

The program offers employees access to premium LinkedIn courses that are designed to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to remain efficient and productive while adjusting to their new Work from Home set up. The modules cover a wide array of topics including maximizing efficiency and productivity of remote work, time management, managing stress for positive change, developing resourcefulness and other relevant topics delivered through video lectures by leading international experts.

Aside from access to these e-learning courses, employees are likewise provided with online resources on maintaining their physical and mental health during quarantine, as well as technical support and tips on the use of MS 365 tools for collaboration and working remotely. Weekly checks on the employees’ well-being are also conducted via the Feedback Friday online survey.