PTC GMPs and ACM Employees Support Campaigns Honoring Maritime Workers and COVID-19 Frontliners
By: ptcadminacess

PTC Global maritime professionals (GMPs) onboard M/V PERITO MORENO and M/V NATAL, both managed by NSC Shipping, took part in the #ISupplyTheWorld social media campaign launched by the International Maritime Employers’ Council which highlights the crucial role of maritime workers in keeping the world supplied with essentials such as food, medicine, and fuel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the launch of the campaign, IMEC’s CEO Francesco Gargiulo said, “Seafaring, particularly on cargo vessels, is an invisible service industry to most.  People used to take for granted being able to visit a shop or surf the web and select a range of goods from around the world, with little regard for their journey from ‘source to shelf.’  This pandemic has made us all think a lot harder about the unsung heroes that keep those products coming in and those shelves full even at a time when panic shopping is straining supply lines. This campaign wants to highlight the important work seafarers are doing for us all and to express our thanks for their selfless efforts.”

ACM employees meanwhile showed their support for all COVID-19 frontliners through inspiring messages, photos, and Tiktok videos as part of the ACM Happiness Campaign. To view submissions for the campaign, please visit