PTC Ensures Business Continuity Amidst Enhanced Community Quarantine
By: ptcadminacess

Following the government’s announcement of an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon beginning March 17, the PTC Group implemented an organization-wide Work-from-Home arrangement to safeguard employees and their families from the COVID-19 virus.

The company’s Business Continuity Management was put to test through organizational and operational measures that ensured a seamless transition to the new parameters of work. The organization’s recent migration to MS 365 allowed employees to immerse themselves in a digital workplace, providing continued connection despite the requirement for safe distancing. Exercising agility and a firm commitment to their responsibilities, employees adapted to the new set-up, fulfilling their tasks remotely and continuing to meet with their respective departments daily through online video conferencing tools.

With Connect2020, recruitment activities continued online and likewise allowed PTC Global Maritime Professionals (GMPs) to access and download pertinent documents, such as their Certificate of Employment, a requirement when applying for government benefits available to individuals affected by the ECQ. The newly launched GMP hotline managed by the Family and Crew Relations Department was also available via SMS and social media to assist GMPs and their allottees with any concern.

The PTC Group’s preferred health care partner Health Metrics and travel services partner Constellation Travels likewise continued providing employees, GMPs, and their respective stakeholders with crucial health and travel advisories and resources. LifeLinks International Resources also continued their recruitment activities through their official website and social media page.