PTC Partners with MacroAsia to Establish Aviation School
By: ptcadminacess

PTC Holdings and MacroAsia Corp. signed a joint venture agreement to establish an integrated aviation career and resource development company at the Subic International Airport in Northern Luzon.

PTC Holdings and Macroasia will set up an aviation school, to be called First Aviation Academy, Inc., with MacroAsia owning 51 percent of the joint venture and PTC, 49 percent.

The partnership aims to address the foreseen shortage of aviation professionals for airline clients not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. The academy is scheduled to be fully operational in 2018 and will initially offer pilot training, certification and other career aviation development courses.

Initially, First Aviation will use three aircrafts for training: two single-engine light aircrafts and one twin-engine light aircraft. It will also have two simulators with a dual and control-loading yoke system and dual rudder pedals for simultaneous pilot and co-pilot control.

“FAA’s curriculum will include more than 200 flying hours using the single and twin engine aircraft, which is more than what is currently being offered in the industry. Also, geared with its commitment to create a link for employment for aviation professionals and airline companies, FAA is working on partnerships with different airlines in order to support this,” MacroAsia said.

The company is optimistic it can produce more than 300 pilots during the first five years of the aviation school’s operations.

“PTC is adapting to current industry needs,” said PTC CEO Gerardo A. Borromeo. “PTC and Macroasia aim to address this need and to provide management capabilities to aviation professionals, particularly pilots, who are expected to not only have technical know-how but also, the competency to handle various situations that may arise in flight operations.” He added that existing training by PTC for mechanics and flight attendants, “will be combined” with the aviation services of MacroAsia, such as ground handling.