PTC Salutes Panama on the 100th Year Anniversary of its Ship Registry
By: ptcadminacess

PTC through its CEO Gerardo Borromeo joined the Republic of Panama and the Panamanian Maritime Administration in the recent centenary celebration of its international ship registry. The celebration was held in conjunction with IMO’s World Maritime Day Parallel Event.


Having enjoyed very good diplomatic and commercial relations for many years, the Philippines and Panama share a strong mutual interest in maritime affairs. Since 1993, Panama continues to be the largest shipping registry in the world and around 65% of all maritime professionals that sail on Panamanian flagged vessels come from the Philippines.


With the success of the Panama ship registry, numerous Filipinos have sailed the world on Panamanian flagged vessels. This has allowed them to develop and maintain fulfilling maritime careers which,  in turn, have benefited not only their families, but the Philippines and the rest of the world as well through global trade enabled by shipping.


PTC extended its congratulations to the Republic of Panama and the Panamanian Maritime Administration through H.E. Rolando A. Guevara Alvarado, Panamanian Ambassador to the Philippines.